Nation’s Finest

“COVID-19 Support for Veterans” Campaign

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Program Description:

The COVID-19 crisis has hit homeless and low-income veterans hard. Nation’s Finest is a nonprofit organization serving veterans and their families at more than 30 locations in 14 mostly rural communities in California, Arizona and Nevada. With a primary focus on housing, mental health, case management and employment services, Nation’s Finest takes a comprehensive approach to addressing the individual needs of each veteran. Additionally, through its subsidiary Veterans Housing Development Corporation (VHDC), Nation’s Finest develops affordable housing specifically for veterans and their families.

These 30-second PSAs inform viewers that through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program, Nation’s Finest can assist veteran families who are struggling to pay rent and other housing-related costs. The PSAs end with a call-to-action to visit or call 1-833-GOT-YOR6 to learn more.

Campaign Mission:

  • Support veterans and their families during COVID-19
  • Raise awareness about Nation’s Finest housing programs
  • Provide resources to veteran families via and 1-833-GOT-YOR6


Nation’s Finest PSN TV

“Nation’s Finest Covid-19″ :30 English PSA
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Nation’s Finest PSN TV

“Nation’s Finest_Alfred Molina_Covid-19″ :30 English PSA
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