CA Institute on Aging & CA Dept of Aging

“Friendship Line California” Campaign

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Program Description:

Institute on Aging (IOA), one of California’s largest nonprofits dedicated to health and community programs for older adults and adults living with disabilities, recently produced a PSA as part of its partnership with the California Department of Aging (CDA). The partnership serves to expand resources and establish the new Friendship Line California in order to better support lonely and isolated seniors throughout the entire state of California. This includes the addition of a new dedicated toll-free number — 888.670.1360.

The new Friendship Line California will take inbound calls, as well as offer pre-scheduled outbound call service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The line will provide a friendly listening ear and emotional support for seniors facing loneliness, isolation or anxiety, including listening to their increasing fears and concerns about COVID-19.

IOA is asking for your support by airing this PSA to raise awareness about the line among Californians. The PSA ends with a call-to-action to visit to learn more.

Campaign Mission: 

  • Raise awareness about the new Friendship Line California
  • Expand resources to better support lonely and isolated seniors in California
  • Provide a website for more information at



“Friendship Line California” :30 English PSA
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