Missouri Department of Health

“Show Me Hope” Campaign

Evergreen (no expiration date)

Program Description: Show Me Hope Missouri, a federally funded program that is administered by the Department of Mental Health Office of Disaster Services, would appreciate your station or network’s support in airing its recently produced radio PSA. The audio spot is designed to bring awareness to its Crisis Counseling Program (CCP) in response to COVID-19.

The Show Me Hope CCP wants to inform MO residents that if they are experiencing stress or anxiety due to COVID-19, they are not alone. These are common feelings to have after a disaster. The CCP offers free, multilingual, and confidential support through the Disaster Distress Helpline which provides immediate crisis counseling for anyone experiencing distress related to any disaster.

The Show Me Hope PSA ends with a call-to-action to call 1-800-985-5990 or to visit moshowmehope.org to get help.

Campaign Mission: 

  • Inform listeners who are experiencing stress or anxiety due to COVID-19 about the program
  • Help disaster survivors understand their current situation and reactions
  • Reduce stress and provide emotional support
  • Promote the use of development or coping strategies
  • Connect survivors with other people and agencies who can help them in their recovery process
  • Provide a website for more information on finding free and confidential support for those experiencing anxiety from COVID-19 at moshowmehope.org


Missouri Department of Health –PSN Radio 

“Show Me Hope” :30 English PSA
Code: PSNRMO10030