Alabama 811

“Know what’s below. Call 811 before you dig.” Campaign

Evergreen (no expiration date)

Program Description:

Alabama 811, a 501(c)(6) nonprofit corporation dedicated to keeping Alabama safe and connected, would appreciate your support in airing its recently produced radio public service announcements (PSAs). The PSAs serve to remind excavators to use the Alabama 811 service before digging around underground utilities.

Damaging an underground utility can cause many problems, including outages, injury, and even loss of life. Alabama 811 is designated by the state as the one-call notification system for Alabama as part of the State’s underground damage prevention program. Alabama 811 is the first step in damage prevention. By placing a locate request with Alabama 811, either via call or online entry request, underground utilities can be located and marked to avoid potential excavation damage.

This campaign includes two (2) PSAs in English. The PSAs encourage excavators to use the free and simple 811 service before starting any digging project. More information is available at

Campaign Mission:

  • Raise awareness about the Alabama 811 service
  • Help excavators avoid digging around underground utilities
  • Provide a website with more information at


DOT Alabama 811- PSN Radio

“Know Before 15”  :15 English PSA
Download the Radio PSA via Dropbox:
Code: PSNRAL00015

DOT Alabama 811- PSN Radio

“Know Before 30”  :30 English PSA
Download the Radio PSA via Dropbox:
Code: PSNRAL00030