Radio PSAs – United Way of Connecticut

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Anyone you know might be experiencing mental health problems. Friends and family can help by recognizing the signs and connecting them to professional help.

The Connecticut Suicide Advisory Board needs your support. Please share the messages provided in their “Your Mental Health Matters” campaign. The campaign includes a radio PSA and other mental health shareables, such as social media videos and web banners.

Social support in any form has been proven to be good for mental health. Time spent with those you trust and who care about you benefits everyone. Too much alone time can make you feel lonely and isolated. It is important to make an effort to spend time with others.

Campaign Mission:

  • Increase awareness of early signs/symptoms indicating a mental health concern
  • Provide tips and resources for all stages
  • Reduce suicides in CT through social support and online resources


United Way of Connecticut – PSN Radio

“Your Mental Health Matters” :30 English PSA
Download the Radio PSA via Dropbox: