SNAP-Ed New York (SNAP-Ed NY)

“Save Time. Save Money. Eat Healthy!” Campaign

Evergreen (no expiration date)

Program Description: Funded by the USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), SNAP-Ed NY works with individuals, families, community agencies, schools, policy makers and many more to educate, empower and support change. Snap-Ed NY uses multiple approaches to deliver healthy eating and active lifestyle messages to the community. The Snap-Ed NY campaign slogans include:

Campaign Mission: 

  • Educate New York residents about food resource management
  • Inspire behavior change and personal success stories
  • Provide educational resources at


SNAP-Ed New York (SNAP-Ed NY) –PSN Radio 

“Eun-Ji “Time’s Tight” :30 English PSA
Code: PSNSNAP5130

SNAP-Ed New York (SNAP-Ed NY) –PSN Radio 

José “Life’s Tight” :30 English PSA
Code: PSNSNAP6130

SNAP-Ed New York (SNAP-Ed NY) –PSN Radio 

James and Mary “Life’s Tight” :30 English PSA
Code: PSNSNAP7130

SNAP-Ed New York (SNAP-Ed NY) –PSN Radio 

Jennifer “Money’s Tight” :30 English PSA
Code: PSNSNAP8130