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Pipeline Operators for Ag Safety

811 Agricultural Safety Tips

“Call 811 before you dig on your farm or ranch!” Campaign

Program Description:

Digging and operating heavy equipment on farms and ranches across the country can cause damage to underground pipelines and utility lines. Pipeline strikes can cause serious injury, including burns, asphyxiation, electrocution, and even death. POAS is offering farmers and ranchers a variety of free resources to help keep them safe and to avoid costly damage and service outages that may affect their local communities.

These POAS PSAs are intended to protect those who farm and ranch near underground utilities and pipelines by promoting calling 811, a free service. The campaign includes five (5) 30-second audio PSAs ñ one featuring rodeo clown J.J. Harrison, another featuring Greg Peterson of the Peterson Farm Brothers, and an additional three featuring farmers and ranchers sharing their stories.The PSAs remind listeners to never assume the location and depth of underground lines and always call 8-1-1 or visit before starting work. The PSAs are :30 in length. Evergreen (no expiration)/ Available in English and Spanish.


Pipeline Operators for Ag Safety PSN Radio

“POAS 811 Farm Safety_Spanish” :30 Spanish PSA
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