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“Take a Bite Out of Fake Goods Sold Online”

Program Description

Counterfeit goods cost U.S. businesses an estimated $600 billion dollars per year, according to Steve Shapiro, Unit Chief for the FBI’s Intellectual Property Rights Unit. This is a staggering statistic given that, according to research conducted by the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), 81 percent of teens believe that counterfeits can start fires and harm health, but less than 20 percent care enough to change their buying behaviors. These are disturbing data and show that teens need more education on the impact of purchasing counterfeits and the importance of buying safe products.

There is something that can be done about this, and we need your help.

NCPC, home of McGruff the Crime Dog®, is collaborating with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to take a stand against counterfeits. NCPC’s goal is to raise public awareness about the dangers of counterfeit products among teens, tweens, and parents, tying in law enforcement and industry.

Along with its partner FILMSTERS, an award-winning television and production company, NCPC has created video and radio ads for its national media campaign entitled Go For Real. This public education campaign serves to raise awareness about the dangers of counterfeit goods among youth as well as parents who, once informed, serve as powerful influencers. With your help, kids will develop safe buying behaviors and avoid purchasing inferior goods that can cause serious harm to their wallets and their health.

Counterfeit products, like faulty electronics featured in the ad, cause more than 70 deaths and 350,000 serious injuries every year. USPTO estimates that the global sale of counterfeit goods is near or above $2 trillion, more than the money made from the sale of illegal drugs or human trafficking.

The Go For Real Anti-Counterfeiting Campaign targets the following vertical markets:

  • Sports equipment
  • Cosmetics and personal care products
  • Electronics


“You’re Smart. Buy Smart.” – PSN TV

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“You’re Smart. Buy Smart.” – PSN TV

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“You’re Smart. Buy Smart.” – PSN TV

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